Sex Position Pictures
Sex Position Pictures

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You are either good at lovemaking or you are not,
9 out of 10 people are not as good as they could be.
We seem to accept we are just not that great at sex naturally and that is the way it is...
Great sex is not "Mission Impossible"

The Sex Positions Guide is about you joining the 1 out of 10 people who really enjoy sex and stimulate their partner to true satisfaction.

Our private sexual positions web site will show you with easy to understand illustrations (classy sketches) and descriptions the sex positions you can easily use to satisfy yourself and your partner......immediately.

No more being embarrassed in book stores flicking through numerous sex books looking for the answer. You can privately browse this extensive guide at your leisure, on your own computer any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We have created a "private" web site where we reveal the very same exceptional techniques, breakthroughs, tips, tricks, and secrets that the masters of sexual intercourse use.

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Great Sex Is Easy

To be great at sex all you really need to know is how to perform various sex positions and experiment a little to find exactly what works for you. Without examples and descriptions of various sexual techniques you cannot expect any change in your current sex life.

You are in the unique position to have better sex right now, no perversion, no gadgets, no merchandise. You can access the entire private web site within minutes and start immediately.

Once you have learned these exceptional techniques, breakthroughs, tips, tricks, and secrets you'll become a better lover, each and every time.

There has been a ton of literature about sex on the net, most of it wrong. This web site narrows it down to what works, and how to accomplish the best sex life you can. Equally important, it steers you away from all the time-wasting strategies that are so widely marketed.

What exactly is contained in this private web site?
We are glad you asked...

Everthing You Could Ever Want

The sex positions guide is packed with all the content you will ever need to gain total satisfaction from your sex life. Just read through this page and we know you will agree.

Over 100 full screen color pictures of the various
sex positions that you can use to improve your sex life

Basic Sex Positions
  • The most common sexual positions.
  • Basic modifications with full size color pictures and descriptions.
  • Rear entry variations and modifications.
  • Classic "missionary", woman and man on top positions etc..
    (These commonly used techniques can still provide you with great pleasure and sexual fulfillment with just a few variations).
.Basic Sex Positions
Exotic Sex Positions
  • Learn your orgasm reflex and what it is.
  • Secret eastern sexual positions (Tantric sex).
  • Ejaculation/Orgasm control (Male and Female).
  • How to experience the secret "Magnetic ocean".
    (These Tantric sex positions will give your sex life an instant boost).
Exotic Sex Positions
Sitting Sex Positions
  • Positions to increase intimacy and closeness.
  • You can hold and kiss, lick, suck each other while thrusting.
  • How she can stimulate her pubic mound in these positions.
  • Use vaginal contractions to stimulate the penis etc....
    (If your sex life needs more intimacy then these positions will do it instantly).
Sitting Sex Positions
Many More Sex Positions

Woman On Top Positions

Man On Top Positions

Standing Sex Positions

Spooning Sex Positions

(Over 100 Full Screen Color Pictures of the various sex positions that you can use to improve your sex life).
Many More Positions
Oral Sex
  • Oral sex can be the most exciting sexual experience.
  • Male oral sex guide descriptions and illustrations.
  • Female oral sex guide descriptions and illustrations.
  • Learn how to intensify your partners pleasure.
    (Your sexual experience will enter new levels of pleasure using these techniques).
Oral Sex
Genital massage
  • Clitoral stimulation techniques.
  • Increase orgasm frequency and duration.
  • Learn your and your partners sexual response.
  • The psychology of masturbation and why it's healthy.
    (You will learn Masturbation techniques for both males and females with this guides easy descriptions and pictures).
Genital Massage
Sexual Humour
  • The Seinfeld Sex Dictionary.
  • Adult cartoons.
  • Ten things a man/woman wouldn't say.
  • Adult jokes etc....
    (You get sex jokes and cartoons for your entertainment).
Sex Humor
Sex Toys Guide
  • Various aids and sex toys devices.
  • How to enhance pleasure during sexual activity.
  • Where to get them on the Internet cheaply.
  • Other body parts they can be used on to increase pleasure.
    (You will learn how to use sex toys to increase your lovemaking pleasure.)
Sex Toys
And Much More
  • Contraception.
  • Std's.
  • Condoms (male and female).
  • 21 Sex Tips, Plus much more.......
    And if all that content wasn't enough to convince you of the members sites value and how it will improve your sex life...
    Just keep reading......



"This is the information I wish I had before I got married. Itís everything guys wonder about but are too afraid to ask. And now, thanks to you, I have the answers. My wife says she never knew she could experience so much pleasure. I have to admit, life is definitely different now. Thanks for a great web site! " Martin Cronfield

As you read on the previous page to be great at sex all you really need to know is how to perform various sex positions and experiment a little to find exactly what works for you.

With the examples and descriptions of various sexual techniques that are contained in the private sexual positions web site as we have outlined above, you can expect a huge change and improvement in your current sex life immediately.

We respect your privacy, we never send any mail to your postal address or share your information with anyone. We only ever contact you via e-mail. Your membership will show up discreetly as "" on your credit card statement.

Remember you are in the unique position to change your position right now, you don't have to wait one week or even one day. You can be having great sex tonight.

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